Building a Sustainable Online Business: Workbook
Building a Sustainable Online Business: Workbook
Building a Sustainable Online Business: Workbook
Building a Sustainable Online Business: Workbook
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Building a Sustainable Online Business: Workbook

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The ‘Building a Sustainable Online Business: Workbook’ (digital) is an 83-page handbook to help lead a life of adventure, meaning and purpose – and find a successful business idea that you can start, grow and monetize from anywhere in the world. 

This eBook is created to help people out in their venture to the world of online business, to put your dreams and visions off the ground and help you make a living out of it.

This eBook will guide you on how to build your online business and teach you the strategies we did to build ours.

By the end of this eBook, you will have learned: 

💡 The significance of digital marketing. 

⚒️ How to find useful tools and platforms that can help you set up your online business. 

💡 How to come up with a successful business idea.

📝 The different types of business plans and how you can create one on your own.

🎨 The importance of a strong brand (+ branding) and how you can build yours.. 

💸 How to build your own website and how you can make it grow.

🎤 Different digital marketing strategies and how to use them. 

🍸 How to sell your products in an effective way + how to put your business on autopilot and enjoy your new lifestyle!

At the end of this course, you will be equipped with essential knowledge on how to start and build your online business and how to effectively profit out of it.

Get yours today and learn with us how to build your Digital Empire!


"Tins! hello natapos ko na basahin both books mo (pati ung free). thank you uli for sharing your knowledge! i was motivated to keep going despite what's happening now, and i was reminded why i risked to be in this industry in the first place. 😊 everything is very easy to understand, and very insightful ung content. nakaka-encourage mag-isip ng different ideas habang may complete guide with the help of the book, kaya hindi nakakatakot magtry ng ibang parts ng digital na hindi ko forte. hehe

you've always been thoughtful of the knowledge you have, kaya you are always blessed din. even with the sales of your book, shineshare mo padin. thank youuuuu!!! ❤" - Camille S



"Hi Ate! I just finished reading your book. Grabe, it was definitely a good read! It was very detailed yet still easy to comprehend. I believe that your smart, sincere and thoughtful approach models the strategies you advocate.

Even for a student like me, I found your book very helpful. In such a way na I know I will be able to use this in the future and that I will benefit from it.

I must commend you po for doing such a great work, and for making it available at a very affordable price. I really do recommend your book not only for those who want to start their online business but also for those who want to acquire essential skills in life. Thank you ate great read!❤️" - Sam B.



"This quarantine period allowed us to learn about so many things— both small and big daily realizations. This book is very helpful, detailed, meaningful and easy to understand.

I realized how powerful digital marketing is. Social media is a great tool, whether for entertainment and for promoting your business. During this crisis, we can use the power of internet to entertain us, probably waste our time. Or use social media platforms as a way to broaden, to market and to communicate to our Customers.

What I really loved as well on this book is about being Customer driven rather than focusing the sales or profit. Yes we may loose the sales, but we can win our Customers by merely communicating them. This means a BIG IMPACT to us, customers - that Businesses are not after the money that they generates.

This book opened me the plenty of ways to keep our Businesses running without sacrificing the Government Protocols. We just have to look around and use the resources we have." - Melvin O.


"Morning tins!!! Done reading your e-book. Very informative and easy to learn. Na refresh ang natutulog kong utak!hahahaha. Keep it up! Goodjob! See you soon!!!!😊😊😊😊😗" Edison C.



"Tinaaaa, I've been binge-reading your book and finished it na! Haha! Grabeee, wala ako masabi. Hands-off! As a newbie in the business industry, I found this book very informative, easy to comprehend and relatable! Ang dami ko natutunan as in! This is highly recommended! Worth your time and money! Thank youuu so much for your hardwork! 😉😘" - Diane U. 



"Tina, all i can say is this workbook is superb! 💯 Everything you need to know to start building your own sustainable online business is well written here.. Super detailed, interactive and easy to comprehend. After reading this book, maiinspire kang magstart ng sarili mong business! Napakagaling be. I'm proud of you! Plus thank you for letting us be part of the help you're doing for our frontliners. ☺️ God bless your kind heart." - Lorena I.


"Hello ate, Congrats on your new book and sobrang thank you for sharing me your wonderful book!

You know what ate, and what i always tell you palagi, na you're one of my inspirations in life and it is an honor to be working with you.
Reading this book helped me open my mind pa lalo in the world of internet and mostly in marketing.

It is truly inspiring, kasi there are samples on how the way you handled things from the start and how you find yung "YOU" - your purpose, is an amazing journey and story.

Dito masasabi ko siguro na, you don't have to be perfect in life... you just have to find what you're good at!!

I do believe and highly reccommend this book, because it'll help not only me but other people to pursue their dreams, not only in business,
not only in the world of marketing but also their own other dreams!

thank you so much for sharing this book and for making it affordable, and I salute you din, kasi you're giving back to people especially to the frontliners!
Please continue inspiring people, i believe in you ate!

may God bless you and your family more!!"- Ferdail M.