PAYMENT PAGE: Facebook Ads 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions (4-week)

Facebook Ads 101 
1 on 1 - 4 Week Training PHP 10, 000.00 
Saturdays - 4 hours per training
Week 1: 
What does it really mean to ‘boost posts’ and why you should stop doing that
What is Facebook Ads and Why is it important
Introduction to Facebook Business and its Tools
Creating a Facebook Business Account
Navigate Facebook Business
Audience Research/Ideal Customers
Week 2: 
How to Strategize 
Building your Facebook Funnel and First campaigns
Factors to be considered to create successful campaigns
Creatives/ Copy and Budget 
Week 3: 
Understanding Data Analytics
Optimizing your campaigns
Week 4:
Review and QAs
Facebook Ads Tracker/Checklist
Modules and Reviewers