FBAS: How We Solidified Online Reputation and Brand of an Association

FBAS: How We Solidified Online Reputation and Brand of an Association 

Company: Financial Blessings And Support Association Philippines - FBAS

Financial Blessings And Support Association Philippines - FBAS, is a legitimate financial aid company whose aim is to be of help to those who are in need. The company felt limited by its existing name and needed to solidify its brand and online reputation to capture the full value and range of its service offerings. It sought guidance in establishing its online reputation with the power of social media in mind.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Social media marketing
  • Website Development


FBAS needed a way to communicate its ability to provide guidance to its members who were seeking financial assistance especially in times of calamities. The company also needed to demonstrate its ability to provide during the said times.

To meet these challenges, FBAS needed a new brand and story that reflected its purpose to positioned the company for growth. 


We carried out a complete branding for FBAS, doing this gave us insight into the company’s strengths and opportunities. We proposed a new brand position to reflect the firm’s confident execution and actionable expertise: “Buhay mo Paghandaan.”

We helped bring the new brand to market, providing recommendations to increase engagement and improve internal communications.


Working with FBAS’s internal team, we provided all the necessary tools to successfully implement the brand. We also focused on messaging to help communicate better with people.

We curated quality content that purely aimed to establish their online reputation and brand. No Ads were made, everything is organic.


We made it easier for FBAS to communicate services and value to prospective clients. The website features stronger brand messaging, user-friendly experience and a better platform for sharing insights and expertise. We succeeded in solidifying its brand and online reputation.

Having a good online reputation and branding is very essential to companies, especially with FBAS as it is a Financial Assistance Company.


Given that we are in the 21st century it is only appropriate to establish one's reputation online. A solid branding and online reputation is vital to building a meaningful relationship with the target audience.

We designed FBAS website and installed the necessary analytics tracking tool to gather data to better improve the market positioning.

Visit their website here: www.fbas.com.ph