Branding with Christina Evangelista

branding with Christina evangelistaBranding is more than just a logo or a company name. 

It is a representation of who you are as an organization or as a business.

Branding carries a brand DNA that defines who you are and what you stand for. It is powerful enough that it can speak on its own even when you’re not in the room. Essentially, companies should identify branding strategies that are designed to evoke a certain charisma to make people stop and pay attention.

Branding helps to identify what kind of image you want to build for your customers. You want your brand to establish an emotional connection in order to encourage customer loyalty and build relationships that span for generations to come.

In Branding, I will be providing you with a Style Guide which will serve as your company’s sacred book.

The book includes:

  • Tone of voice
  • Logo
  • Color
  • Typography
  • Graphic expression
  • Imagery
  • Graphic application
  • Stationary
  • Online usage
  • Tag line
  • Messaging