3.7M Peso Sales Amidst the COVID- 19

Company: Growl Audio Philippines

Website: growlaudio.com


Growl Audio Philippines is a local company based in the Philippines.

Growl’s range of components and component systems caters to every car audio need. Growl dedicated years of R&D to provide unique technologies that overcome the limitations of car audio and offer exceptional performance.

With its brand already established, Growl still saw the need and opportunity in digital marketing and ventured out this journey with me. From creating their website, establishing their messaging, creating offers and building converting campaigns. With digital marketing, Growl’s currently large customer base eventually grew more and more with over 5000 new messages in only a month.

With the COVID-19 situation, businesses have been closed and are expected to drop on sales continuously. However, we’ve decided to combat COVID-19 with strategic marketing. 


With the current situation, COVID-19 is pushing companies to rapidly operate in new ways, and systems resilience is being tested as never before. As businesses juggle a range of new sets of priorities and challenges― business continuity risks, sudden changes in volume, real-time decision-making, workforce productivity, security risks―leaders must act quickly to address immediate systems resilience issues and lay a foundation for the future.

How our product/service helped

Through developing strategies and approaches, we have helped Growl to adapt and thrive in this global pandemic.

  • Social Media Marketing helped to boost social media presence. 
  • Facebook Ads Return on Ad Spend is 25x. 
  • Designed and developed a website that actually converts
  • Developed a VIP program to build list


On combating the COVID-19 pandemic we were pushed to think strategically and fast. Putting into consideration what we already have established, we decided to improve it and start Ad campaign promos that are in favor of (1) The Company, (2) Consumers, and (3) The situation. With all three in mind, we launched different ads and campaigns featuring discounts and targeting customers who have engaged with us or have shown interest in the past. 

It is important to know that in achieving this success, Facebook Ads and Campaigns alone can’t do it all. Improving their automated messaging and response greatly helped cater to a large number of customers. The VIP program also helped our customer base grow even better. Also, the timely launched Growl’s website played a crucial role as it was able to help the continuity of business and was able to provide and let customers know more about the services and products being offered.

 Results, ROI & future plans

  • Messaging was improved.
  • Growth of market base through the VIP program.
  • Paid Ads Return on Ad Spend grew to 25x 
  • Brand stood out from the competition and continuously stands out after being strategically positioned in the market.
  • Growl remains to be one of the Top Brands in the country.

In combating the pandemics such as the COVID-19, abrupt plans and marketing are never the way to go. How we achieved the whopping amount in sales during this extraordinary time was not merely because of a new idea and plan.


We achieved it through our hard work and strategies in the past way before these trying times. All those made combating the pandemic as easy as it seems for Growl today. Investing in digital marketing today will also help you in the future.


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