How To Reach Your Target Market Using Facebook Advertising

Out of all social media networks, Facebook has been the most effective platform in terms of conversion according to latest analytics. Whether it is lead generation or driving relevant traffic to websites or landing pages where conversion begins, it has been useful.
Facebook is not only a network of connecting with people. For businesses, it means connecting to the their target market. Imaging more than 2 billion people ready to see your advert everyday. 

Here's why Christy Evange Digital Marketing Strategy and Consultancy took challenges from business with some solid Facebook advertising strategies. Over the last years, we have been working with different businesses and was privileged enough to help them increase number of customers and even retained them.
From planning to campaign building and setting up on Facebook Ads Manager to monitoring, optimizing and reporting, we have mastered the ins and outs of Facebook advertising for every business. 
One of the most interesting programs we promote for most of our clients is gaining traction from their market. 

Here's how Facebook plays a huge role in successful campaigns that attract customers.
Facebook Ads Manager offers a feature that enables advertisers to target people based on demographics and age groups.
You can create audiences in the Business Manager section. Just go to your Business Manager account and choose Audience from the other tools. Create a Saved Audience and configure the settings by adjusting the age group and location targeting IDs. 

The population of the audience your campaigns will potentially reach will show up. You can then create a Facebook conversion campaign. It will be good to create a video to promote your intermediate membership program and write a good caption to attract the ad viewers and increase your engagement rates.