How to Build a Facebook Marketing Funnel

For strategic digital marketers like us, we know that strengthening brand awareness and lead generation will never be easy with just organic campaigns. Simple Facebook posting will not reach the same volume of people anymore. It's when Facebook updated its algorithms which affected businesses' Facebook page engagement rates very badly. 

The smartest approach marketers have is to increase budget for paid campaigns. In order to not waste any ad budget and produce successful campaigns, a solid Facebook campaign strategy must be carefully planned out first. 

Here's what how top marketers use this effective strategy when building Facebook campaigns.

Outlining the TOFU, MOFU, BOFU strategy for businesses 

TOFU OR TOP OF THE FUNNEL: Attracting Cold Traffic 

During the Top of The Funnel, the types of Facebook campaigns that is best set to target cold traffic or people who still do not know about your brand. The purpose of having a funnel strategy is mainly to build an audience you can retarget in the future. 

You can set up brand awareness, traffic, or even conversion campaigns. Do not forget about installing important pixels or conversion events for analytics and campaign monitoring. 

You will not be able to have a successful results if pixels are not installed completely. You need to be able to attract cold traffic to your website and every website traffic matters

At this point, there are activities recorded in your website by pixels and have engaged with your business Facebook page. You can now create custom audiences based on recent page engagements and website visitors. 

You can now create conversion campaigns and use these custom audiences for retargeting. These people have greater chance to sign up on your website. 


When building BOFU campaigns, you can now target the audience that have converted on your first two funnel campaigns. This way you will have a more filtered audience that is most likely to convert as your lead. Which you can then continue to nurture via email marketing. 

Campaigns under the BOFU are Conversion campaigns with Lead as the conversion event. Again, pixels on specific lead pages must be installed correctly. 

When this strategy works and the only way to test it is run it on Facebook Ads Manager and spend a couple of hundred pounds, you can then replicate it and expect consistently great results.