eCommerce Flywheel: How to delight your customers through giveaways and contests

eCommerce Flywheel: How to delight your customers through giveaways and contests
Visualize the beauty and essence of valuing and satisfying your customers through an eCommerce Flywheel.
Businesses cannot continuously grow better without their customers. Every goal and campaign of a business must be favorable not just to them but also to their market. This is why they must not just practice the art of taking but also the beauty of giving. 
Businesses have come up with different ways to show how much they value their customers. Almost all businesses work under the famous "the customer is always right" principle. But aside from valuing their opinion, how can online businesses make their customers feel happy and satisfied? Let's stop beating around the bush, so here it is: one effective way is by running giveaways and contests.

Customers get really excited when the topic is about anything that is free. Who's not, right? We all want to gain something that won't cause us big bucks. Hosting a giveaway or a contest for your buyers will not just help your business to expand brand awareness, but it will also help you to satisfy them. To visualize the effect of doing these kinds of business tactics, let's refer to a flywheel. 
HubSpot presented a flywheel that will help every marketer to visualize and plan their marketing strategy
A flywheel is mechanical device that produces and stores energy. When it is fueled, for example, it gradually builds up momentum as it spins and speeds up. As for the world of marketing, what would be the fuel to keep a flywheel spinning? It is done through a method called inbound. It is composed of three elements: Attracting, Engaging, and Delighting, while the center of the flywheel is the company's growth. 

How is a flywheel connected with doing giveaways and delighting customers? 

Let's put it like this. Change the fuel of the flywheel into an inbound that is in the form of giveaways and contests, and let's also switch the focus of the flywheel into the customer's delight. By doing that, it will demonstrate how doing giveaways and contests can serve as a driving force for the flywheel to spin, and in result, produce happy customers.

Every business, be it in online or not, must figure out what would be the elements that will consist their flywheel. Through that, they will be able to concentrate on the things they want to work out. Moreover, it is important that both owners and customers are happy. This is not only for the benefit of those who avail your products and services, but also for your business to prosper.